Friday, February 19, 2016

A Blissful Therapist

A particular therapist at the hospital I work, not being specific on purpose, say "...shouldn't we use Apple because everyone uses it?" Then proceeds to say, "...of course not here, but..." Do they realize the hospital is probably run on multiple types of operating systems? For example, EPIC, an electronic medical record, is run on multiple operating systems. It can be accessed from an IPad, an Android tablet, a Windows PC, and/or OSX, etc. My point is, if one way does not work for you, try another route. I must be getting back in the groove of things because I usually let things like that pass (internally), but just something I was thinking about. With that said, I am coming from the perspective that the human body varies from person to person. One medication, therapy, and/or diagnosis is not static for every person. I thought the therapist, in a teaching hospital, would have more of an open-mind. I shall self-reflect, like always, and see if I do that in any other part of my life. I probably do, but jotting this down will help me keep record of personal annecdotes.