Thursday, November 9, 2017

Email Forward: To all the Filipino kids born in the 50s,60s,70s, and early 80s

Email Forward: To all the Filipino kids born in the 50s,60s,70s, and early 80s

I acknowledge your words of the elders, and respect the knowledge you offer, but for the benefit of the future, I would argue that emotionally blackmailing the leaders of tomorrow, aka the generation of people who will likely take care of you, or put you in a long-term facility like the western-society does so easily in their culture, I remind you--and everyone in the world--that it is multiculturalism and world peace that drives the current, not adversity, but diversity of inclusion and positivity.

Riverdale and Phone Apps

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Morning Thought of My Personal Lived History and Education

Whenever a parent, like in #theCW's #Riverdale, says "they don't remember", in terms of the conversation between #Veronica and her dad in the most recent episode, it makes me realize how particular adults take for granted their parenthood powers as role models for their kids. They (children) may take your face-value word for it, but the feelings will linger every other time a not very truthful statement is spoken. With that said, I am loving the whole "#north versus #south" side thing on the show. Reminds me of learning about US/World/European History as a #Filipino (proudly #American) person wondering why it had anything to do with me (civil war) until I realized how long it took for the US (and the world) to recognize all men (where the heck was #feminism) were created equal, but not socially of course. I only know of Filipinos in #WW2 because I grew up in Japan. These recent events of "recognizing Filipino veterans" is great, but how shall I say it, "too little, too late" type of mentality when native Americans and every other immigrant (yes, including every caucasian). I also say this, with confidence, having roots from Hawaii and their sugar plantations where my foremother's family spent most of their existence. When I moved to the United States and took #European History to Modern Day Society of the USA it was either discreet or not discussed at all (#PearlHarbor was the beginning of #Hawaiian history during my high school years in Colorado). No wonder it stings whenever people argue over #alllivesmatter versus #blacklivesmatter because #oppression is still present and lively as ever with turtle-like progression towards a more positive outlook/trajectory. With that said, I have decided I was a positive #feministic figure during my time in #CampZama, #Japan, in addition to being a positive #masculine figure with courage and bravery fending off homophobic and bullying attitudes among other military children. I seldom like to throw shade or shame, but when I do, it is because I was the victim of it (from both peers and teachers alike). I now recognize the harsh reality of what it meant to be not-straight, having a curious and developing orientation, among the armed forces (I spent a good chunk of my life learning to love myself when everyone else saw me as wrong) was tragic and something I wasn't proud of myself until I realized I was doing me from the beginning, everyone else was the scared-individuals not knowing how to treat, educate, or even entertain #gaypride. There was nothing wrong with me, it was a society that wronged me. This is my #manifesto manifesting #ecclesiastic immerse #zeitgeist in progress. #history #life #japan #filipino #philippines #unitedstates #usa #america #feminism #civil #gay #pride #duel #realityinism